Busy busy busy! These are the words of our time ... Working, working, working ... not to mention home maintenance, personal maintenance, and all of those other to do's that seem to take over our days. Time for hobbies, friends, or simply relaxing is reduced to a minimum ...

Recognizable? ‘Kuisgespuis’ is your solution!
Be done with the laundry and the dishes, the dusting and mopping! Be done with showering, brushing teeth and choosing outfits! From now on it will be done for you!

‘Kuisgespuis’ is the cleaning team of the future. With a playful cleaning-mobile, this cheerful duo searches high and low for places not quite up to muster, from paving stone to armpits. Relax and be pampered while your body and surroundings undergo a very special transformation!

‘Kuisgespuis’ is a mobile surprise act, based on fearless and clownish interaction. Making everything shiney to the tones of cheerful, whipping music, they are a bizarre spectacle of brushes, buckets, sponges and toothbrushes. A crazy and funny mobile show!

Warning: can be contagious for the laughter muscles.